An extension of environment.

Photography courtesy of Jacquelyn Hayward.


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Nicole's designs are an extension of the environment and season she works in. She pulls from the elements to create a color and texture floral story. As a designer, Nicole believes indigenous ingredients have an irreplaceable influential impact that creates a feeling of belonging and authenticity in a design.



 Floral services available for advertising campaigns, product shoots, print and digital publications. Nicole has designed for local and national magazines, blogs, lingerie brands, marking companies, and photographers.



Nicole offers group and private flower classes and workshops around the world. Throughout each course, students learn her approach to seasonal floral design, color pairing, and dimensional design. Nicole is also available for guest teaching at your own creative community event. 

Floating greens that take modern lines


There is so much to love about the new modern aesthetic. Rather than being antiseptic and cold, this elegant style incorporates luxurious natural fabrics, organic flowers, and simple, statement making jewelry. 

Photography courtesy of Erich Mcvey


A story of two lover's devote vows


This desert elopement evokes emotion through the native colors and textures of the land. Set in monumental Bryce Canyon, these limestone foundations began over 40 million years ago, and are an example of the incredible sculptures shaped by nature.

By taking queues from the environment, a story forms of these two lovers devote vows taken in nest of desert sagebrush at twilight. Her spindly desert bouquet was softened with an effortless antique silk gown, while hints of desert blue from the distant mountains were woven throughout the film.

photography courtesy of Jacquelyn Hayward



Crisp air and romantic twilight


Early October lends itself to crisp air and romantic twilight. A classic palette of whites and burgundy flora set the tone for this elegant and heartfelt wedding in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Photography courtesy of D'Arcy Benincosa 


Inhale the sweet scent of lilac


Sunrise nuptials in the heart of a fairy-tale meadow. Taking the morning-dewed path, listening to songbirds, and inhaling the sweet scent of lilac. Serenity.

Photography courtesy of Brushfire Photo